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'module' object has no attribute 'SyslogObserver'

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Category:XCAP server
Target version:OpenXCAP 1.2.0


Well, I've been struggling to get OpenXCAP to work on Ubuntu 9.10 and I think I've finally managed.

FYI, in order for OpenXCAP to operate in 9.10 I've installed only python-application from your repository and PyXML manyally.

However I faced a problem where while openxcap started in --no-fork mode, it didn't start as a daemon. What caught my attention was that there was no logging. After putting openxcap through strace to see what was happening I found the error message:

write(2, "self.error = log.SyslogObserver('openxcap')\n", 44) = 44
close(4) = 0
munmap(0x7fbf6a299000, 4096) = 0
write(2, "AttributeError", 14) = 14
write(2, ": ", 2) = 2
write(2, "'module' object has no attribute 'SyslogObserver'", 49) = 49

I went through the source code on pyshared/xcap/ and I found that if I disabled the syslog logging by setting log_error_to_file to True it works.

If any additional info is needed I will be happy to supply.

Could you please make a build in_place installation? It took me a while to make openxcap, opensips-mi-proxy to start from non standard paths. :)


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