MediaProxy is a media relay for RTP/RTCP and UDP streams that works in tandem with OpenSIPS to provide NAT traversal capability for media streams from SIP user agents located behind NAT. MediaProxy supports ICE negotiation by behaving like a TURN relay candidate and the policy can be controlled from OpenSIPS configuration.

MediaProxy relay component must run natively on the host operating system and not in a virtual environment.

This software is licensed according to the GNU General Public License version 2. For embedding the software in proprietary hardware, you may contact AG Projects for an alternative license.


MediaProxy 2.0 is the second generation media relay application, which is based on a completely new design that allows for major improvements in areas such as scalability (an order of magnitude more scalable than previous version) and security (communication between relay and dispatcher is encrypted).

New features have been added to support ICE (acts like a TURN relay) and call flows related to user mobility and fax transmission.


  • Scalability of thousands of calls per server
  • TLS encryption between the relays and dispatcher
  • T.38 fax support
  • Graceful shutdown capability
  • Automatic load balancing and redundancy among all servers
  • Real-time sessions statistics
  • Web page for media sessions with search capability
  • Configurable IP and UDP port range
  • Support for any combination of audio and video streams
  • Radius accounting of IP network traffic
  • Logging of complete media information into MySQL database
  • Supports ICE negotiation by behaving like a TURN relay candidate
  • Amazon EC2 ready (1 to 1 NAT)


The most asked question about media proxy is how many concurrent calls can it handle. The absolute answer for this question can be found here.



MediaProxy is developed and supported by AG Projects.

AG Projects offers best-effort support for MediaProxy. "Best-effort" means that we try to solve the bugs you report or help fix your problems as soon as we can, subject to available resources.

You may report bugs to

The mailing list archive is available at: OpensSIPS users


Authors: Dan Pascu, Ruud Klaver, Saúl Ibarra

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